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Critical Notifications
PipelineIDTypeSubjectPosted UTCEffective UTCEnd UTC
TGP372842Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 9-16-19 Id39/16/2019 23:589/16/2019 23:5812/31/2049 14:00
TGP372841Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 9-17-19 Ec9/16/2019 23:099/16/2019 23:0912/31/2049 14:00
TET88586Capacity ConstraintTe Pipeline Conditions For 9/17/20199/16/2019 20:559/17/2019 14:009/18/2019 14:00
NGPOA40446Current Pipeline ConditionsCurrent Pipeline Conditions9/16/2019 20:409/16/2019 20:4012/31/2049 14:00
AGT88587Capacity ConstraintAgt Pipeline Conditions For 9/17/20199/16/2019 19:599/17/2019 13:009/18/2019 13:00
TGP372839Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 9-16-19 Id29/16/2019 19:289/16/2019 19:2812/31/2049 14:00
TGP372838Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 9-17-19 Timely Cycle9/16/2019 18:579/16/2019 18:5712/31/2049 14:00
ETNG88565Capacity ConstraintEtng Pipeline Conditions For 9/17/20199/16/2019 18:149/17/2019 13:009/18/2019 13:00
TGP372836Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 9-16-19 Id19/16/2019 15:439/16/2019 15:4312/31/2049 14:00
NGPOA40445PointsCorpus Christi (loc 48934 - Lor Lifted9/16/2019 13:599/16/2019 13:5912/31/2049 14:00
NFGS9262Maintenance, Curtailment, Capacity Constraint, Scheduling AlertEllisburg Station Header Tie In Work **revision 2**9/16/2019 12:489/16/2019 13:009/21/2019 14:00
DGT217625Capacity ConstraintPl-1 Restrictions Effective Tuesday, September 17, 20199/16/2019 12:429/17/2019 13:009/17/2020 13:00
DGT217624MaintenanceQuantico Station Returned To Service9/16/2019 12:349/16/2019 12:349/16/2020 12:34
TGP372835Misc.Delivery Noms To Tres Palacios Accepted9/16/2019 12:109/16/2019 12:1012/31/2049 14:00
TRA9963204ConstraintUpdate - Market And Production Constraints9/16/2019 11:479/16/2019 11:479/16/2020 11:47
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