Critical Notifications

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Transco - last update 2/22/2024 03:15
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Critical Notifications
PipelineIDTypeSubjectPosted UTCEffective UTCEnd UTC
EQT108434Operational Flow Order/planned Service OutageMichael Kuhn Maintenance Update 02-01-2403/29/2024 05:0001/24/2024 06:0006/30/2024 05:00
TGP389840Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 02-21-2024 Id302/22/2024 00:4102/22/2024 00:4102/22/2024 14:00
TGP389839Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 02-22-2024 Ec02/21/2024 23:5702/21/2024 23:5702/22/2024 14:00
ANR11676MaintUpdated: Capacity Reduction Southeast Mainline - Defiance Southbound (updated: 2/21/24)02/21/2024 21:3002/21/2024 21:3004/01/2024 12:59
TET144219Capacity ConstraintTe Pipeline Conditions For 2/22/202402/21/2024 21:1002/22/2024 15:0002/23/2024 15:00
TGP389838Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 02-21-2024 Id202/21/2024 20:5502/21/2024 20:5502/22/2024 14:00
NGPOA44920Current Pipeline ConditionsCurrent Pipeline Conditions02/21/2024 20:2802/21/2024 20:2802/22/2024 14:00
AGT144203Capacity ConstraintAgt Pipeline Conditions For 2/22/202402/21/2024 20:0602/22/2024 14:0002/23/2024 14:00
ETNG144185Operational Flow OrderEtng Operational Flow Order -- Eff 2/2302/21/2024 20:0002/23/2024 14:0005/21/2024 13:00
TGP389837Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 02-22-2024 Timely Cycle02/21/2024 19:3602/21/2024 19:3602/22/2024 14:00
ETNG144201Capacity ConstraintEtng Pipeline Conditions For 02/22/202402/21/2024 19:2002/22/2024 14:0002/23/2024 14:00
TGP389835Current Pipeline ConditionsRestrictions For 02-21-2024 Id102/21/2024 16:3302/21/2024 16:3302/22/2024 14:00
TRA14332063Ovr-undr PerfUpdate Location Confirmation Changed For 2/22/2024 Timely Cycle Until Further Notice02/21/2024 15:3402/22/2024 06:0002/22/2025 06:00
ANR11668Cust SrvcReminder: Attn: All Anr Customers Please Join Us For The Anr February 2024 Monthly Customer Update Call On Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, At 2:30 P.m. Est, 1:30 P.m. Cst.02/21/2024 15:1402/21/2024 18:3002/21/2024 19:00
CGT25894418Operational AlertOperational Alert: Operating Areas 1 And 202/21/2024 14:2002/21/2024 05:0003/21/2024 04:00
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